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CPT-1000 Bb key (Review by Nick DeCarlis)
"2016-2017 New 6.8" mini-pocket trumpet" It is probably one of the smallest play-able Bb trumpets in the world. The reason we develop that "small" instrument is because we want to attract more people to enjoy in playing the brass instrument. The mini-pocket has special designed small rim edged yellow brass bell and overall light weight construction, it is easy to play we suppose it is a perfect Bb brass instruments for all players (especially designed for kids, first year players, amateur players and even pro players) at every occasions and every time. *This model is covered by USA, EU, Taiwan and China patent.

Download the review by Nick Decarlis


Model: CPT-1000  

Key: Bb

Bore: ML 0.460" (11.70m/m)

Bell Material: Yellow brass

Bell Size: Super small

Valves Material: Stainless steel 

Tuning Slide: Yellow brass inner/ outer

Case: Gig bag (4 colors of the stripe of bag: red, blue, yellow and white)

Accessories: 7C plastic mouthpiece, valve oil




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