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"What makes your pocket trumpet so special" is always the question within our mind, which pushes CarolBrass® pocket trumpet toward next generation. "Dizzy Pocket Trumpet" is totally new CarolBrass® pocket trumpet model of 2014, now is available for both lacquer and satin lacquer bell finishing. The Dizzy bell makes this pocket sound brighter than standard pocket trumpet, and easier in play. Besides the "Dizzy" looking bell, the new pocket also comes with "Legend Trumpet" bracing and heavy weight finger button/caps, these all make the Dizzy Pocket so special!

Model:                CPT-7000-GLS
Key:                    Bb
Finishing:          Satin Lacquer Bell
Bore:                   ML 0.460"
Bell:                    Gold brass
Bell size:             S 4.724"
Bell thickness:     S (Standard)
Leadpipe:             Yellow brass
*Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow brass slide
*1st tuning slide fixed finger ring
*3rd tuning slide fixed finger ring

Also come with:
Deluxe Wooden Case
CarolBrass® 3C motuhpiece
Cleaning cloth (wipe)
Valve oil
Tuning slide grease


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