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CarolBrass® provides master quality on a wide range of brass instrument. Each CarolBrass® instrument is designed and made based on more than 30 years experiences and knowledges, and we promise each CarolBrass® instrument is 100% handcrafted by our qualified craftsmen team at our small factory in Chiayi, Taiwan.

From the beginer instruments to professional instruments, we ensure the same high quality and uses the same sources of material. So you can easily see the valve of each trumpet is made from quality stainless steel. For example, the quality of most basic trumpet model CTR-1000H-YSS is just great.

Generally, our brass instruments can be divided into two series which are Standard Series and Custom Series, these cover: 




Pocket trumpet   

Piccolo trumpet  



Standard SeriesThe dimensions and the combination of materials and specifications are designed based on our recommanded specifications. We set up a special way of model numbering of each model, for more details, please refer to: Standard Series Model Numbering

PS. You can also customize the Standard Series models, please check below options: Standard Series Custom Options


Custom Series: You can make fully custom models based on your knowledge, especially the different combination of metal mateirals such as yellow brass, gold brass, red brass, bronze and sterling silver, etc.. In the Custom Series, we list several examples of Custom Series model. For more information about how to customize your specification horns, please always feel free to contact with our dealers (Sales Network).

Custom Series Model Numbering

Custom Series Custom Options






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