CTR-5000L-GSS Limited
Light Wight "Euro Bell" model CTR-5000L-GSS, featured in CTR-5000 series light weight construction, gold brass 37 standard thickness Euro bell, traditional lever waterkeys, yellow brass leadpipe reversed tuning slide. We offer a special price for limited quantity of this model during Christmas season. This model will be closed after the sales season. ...
Baro Model CTR-5280L-GLT(D)
The Carol Brass EuroBell “Baro Model” is, if not the best, one of the most complete horns I’ve played , the original EuroBell model its a great horn at every level , from the design to the technical specs... with a few modifications, we took the original to another sound dimension and level , with the “Baro Model “ we have achieved a wider tonal range , perfect for players that navigate in a variety of musical environments from Pop to Jazz to Latin ... this horn has the capability ...
CarolBrass is keen to attend the NAMM SHOW hold in Anaheim Convention Center, California, January 24-27th 2019. We are lucky to take part at NAMM SHOW again and will display some new models including DT Custom series and 2019 new custom Bb-F rotary trombone. CarolBrass-USA booth number is 8428, we look forward to meeting you there. ...
"Brass Talk" Jim Bohm and Alexis Baro
CarolBrass dealer Jim Bohm and trumpet artist Alexis Baro makes a special episode which talking about "Baro Model" trumpet...come and check out the video. Special thanks to Will Holton who arranges this video!...
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