2017 "EURO BELL MODEL" trumpet CTR-5280L-GLT(D), raw brass finishing, saturn waterkeys, twin tube walled leadpipe based on model CTR-5280L series, gold brass large light 5.25D bell. (Built with Pistons)...
CPT-1000 Bb key (Review by Nick DeCarlis)
"2016-2017 New 6.8" mini-pocket trumpet" It is probably one of the smallest play-able Bb trumpets in the world. The reason we develop that "small" instrument is because we want to attract more people to enjoy in playing the brass instrument. The mini-pocket has special designed small rim edged yellow brass bell and overall light weight construction, it is easy to play we suppose it is a perfect Bb brass instruments for all players (especially designed for kids, first year players, amateur player...
CarolBrass Styles Offered Model Numbering
CarolBrass Styles Offered Model Numbering...
CarolBrass Materials Offered Model Numbering
CarolBrass Materials Offered Model Numbering...
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