Committee Model CTR-7065L-RLM
Committee Model is the tribute to great Martin Committee trumpet with couples of new ideas on it. Model number CTR-7065L-RLM, Medium bore, red brass large 72 bell, sterling silver leadpipe, fully new dark lacquer finishing. ...
CarolBrass custom trumpet CTR-6280L-PSM-Bb-SL, featured in medium large bore twin-tube one-pieced leadpipe, reversed tuning side, amado waterkey, outer nickel silver tuning slide, specially handmade "two-tone" phosphor bronze 37 medium thickness bell, fully hand scratched "Satin Lacquer" finishing ...
CarolBrass Styles Offered Model Numbering
CarolBrass Styles Offered Model Numbering...
CarolBrass Materials Offered Model Numbering
CarolBrass Materials Offered Model Numbering...
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