CTR-9990L-RSM(D)-Bb-L Custom Legend Trumpet
Custom red brass trumpet CTR-9990L-RSM(D)-Bb-L with legend braces, saturn waterkeys, red brass leadpipe, red brass tuning slides, red brass valve block knuckles and red brass 5.25 inch bell....
2017 "EURO BELL MODEL" trumpet CTR-5280L-GLT(D), raw brass finishing, saturn waterkeys, twin tube walled leadpipe based on model CTR-5280L series, gold brass large light 5.25D bell. (Built with Pistons)...
Saturn Waterkeys on Your CarolBrass Horns
CarolBrass is happy to introduce that the Saturn waterkeys are available as an option for your CarolBrass Custom Models....
Please Use Harmon Mute Gently
"Caution" Please Gently Put Harmon Mute into CarolBrass Light Weight Bell Trumpet. ...
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