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Milestone of Hoxon Gakki Corp.


1989.04    Kim Lee and Carol Lo founded the family based brass instrument factory in Northern Taiwan 
1990.10    Completed the first Bb trumpet prototype after 18 months of work.
1992.02    Started making C trumpet
1997.12    Relocated to Darling, a smll town in Chiayi, Southern Taiwan
1998.04    Started making American and British cornet
1998.11    Started making pocket trumpet 
2001.09    Started making Bb tenor trombone (single key)
2002.07    Launched owned brand name "Carol" 
2003.02    Started making bugle 
2004.07    Expaned the factory building and made the production in a better way 
2006.12    Started making Bb-F tenor trombone
2009.03    Started making herald trumpet
2009.11    Started making flugelhorn 
2011.01    Turned the owned brand name "Carol" into "CarolBrass" due to the copyright issue, introduced a full line of customized instruments based on different sizes and materials, Doug Teeter CarolBrass USA attend Namm Show in the same month which is the first time CarolBrass shows up at Namm show
2011.04    The first time to attend Musikmesse (Frankfurt, Germany)  
2011.07    Started making Bb/ A piccolo trumpet 
2013.07    Started the plan of relocating the factory to Dapumei Industrial Park
2015.05    Relocated to the new building in Dapumei Industrial Park
2015.12    CarolBrass Tourism Factory Opened.
2016.09    Carol Lo, one of the founders of Hoxon Gakki Corp. and plays most important role inside the company, passed away peacefully at age of 55. Kim Lee stays with Carol Lo during the whole medical procedure and designs the Mini pocket trumpet with the inspration of Carol Lo in the last days.
2016.10    Featured gift item "Desk Trumpet  won the "2016 Taiwan OTOP Product Design Gold Award."
2017.03    Inspired by Carol Lo, Kim Lee developed the Mini pocket trumpet Bb/ C.
2017.04    President Tsai Ing-wen visited CarolBrass Tourism factory, Kim Lee, S. C. Hsiao and Wely Lee played a song for the President.
2017.10    The first time attened Music China.
2017.10    The Mini pocket trumpet won the "2017 OTOT Product Design Gold Medal in Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs ".
2017.12    Started making Bb-D natural trumpet



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