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Hoxon Gakki Corp.

Picture (Original factory is surrounded by Pineapple farm)           

Hoxon Gakki Corp., founded by Kim Lee and his wife Carol Lee in 1989, is a small but independent brass instruments factory. We have more than 30 years experiences on researching, designing, developing and making quality brass instrument. Our focus is on making handmade high brass instruments. We are located in the town of Darling, Chiayi County, Taiwan.

Picture (Darling Town, originally named "Talin", was changed by a young female mayor in 2013 ) 

Darling Town is a small and quiet town that sits in central Chiayi City. The population is about 30,000 and most people who live in Darling are farmers. It has been said that that "These horns were born on a farm".





Picture (CarolBrass® Logo)

Hoxon Gakki Corp. started launching our first brand name “Carol®” in honor of Mrs Lee, in summer 2002. Carol products were to be known for our handmade quality brass Instruments. Due to the copyright concerns, however, Hoxon Gakki Corp. registered a new brand name “CarolBrass®” in the beginning of 2011. Our goal was to combine "Carol and Brass" together to make it easier for people to understand what we manufacture. "Brass Instruments".




Future Plan:

3D (Drawing of the New Modern CarolBrass® Showroom - Museum - Gift Shop - Factory)

Hoxon Gakki Corp. is currently constructing an unique tourism factory which located at a new modern industrial park (2 miles aways from current factory). We hope this tourism factory will become a new choice of people to spend time with everyday. We plan to provides several activities such as outdoor concert, factory tour, brass lession, instruments clinic etc. in order to attract more people play brass instrument. We also will provide a comfortable space for players to test each of CarolBrass® horns and even purchase instruments and relevant stuff.  *Open date is around Spring 2015




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