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Annals of Hoxon Gakki Co., Ltd.

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1989.04    The founder Mr.Koa-An Lee and his wife, Ms. Lo co-founded in Pusin, Yangmei Dist.,
                 Taoyuan City, Taiwan.
1990.10    After 18 months of planning, consistent production operation of the first Bb trumpet had
                 completed development for the first time output.
1992.02    C trumpet for the first time output.
1997.12    Relocation plant to Chiayi County, Dalin.
1998.04    American cornet, British cornet the first time output.
1998.11    Pocket trumpet the first time output.
2001.09    Telescopic trombone the first time output.
2002.07   The "Carol" brand began marketing on the world , which was distigwished as sub-Legend /
                Deluxe / Junior / Pioneer 4 levels.
2003.02    Bugle the first time output.
2004.07    The original plant expansion completed. The plant area doubled than before.
2006.12    Bb-F rotary wrap valve produced for the first time with patent in Taiwan.
2009.03    Herald trumpet the first time output.
2009.11    Flugelhorn  produced first time.
2011.01    The Carol brand was updated to CarolBrass and participate the exhibition at the NAMM Show
                 in California, USA  for the first time. The exclusive launch of Materials Offered series, which is
                 a  collection of seven metal customized concepts, includes  trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and
                 piccolo trumpet.
2011.04    The first time to participate the  Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany.
2011.07    Piccolo trumpet the first time output.
2013.07    The new plant started to build in Darpumei Industrial Park.
2015.05    Moved to the new plant in Darpumei Industrial Park, .
2015.12   CarolBrass  Tourism Factory Opened.
2016.10    The cultural and creative goods - Desk Trumpet (Amber Lacquer)  won the Ministry of
                 Economic Affairs "2016 Taiwan OTOT Product Design Award".
2017.03   The Mini pocket trmpet was produced for the first time with the patents in Taiwan / USA / EU /
                China ... etc countries.
2017.04    President Tsai Ing-wen visited our Tourism Factory  because Chiayi County Government
                 selected here to have the briefing of Forward-looking Construction Project.
2017.10    Participate in the Musikmesse in Shanghai, China.
2017.10    The Mini pocket trumpet won the  Ministry of Economic Affairs "2017 Taiwan OTOT Product
                 Design Award".
2017.12    Bb-D  Natural trumpet the first time production.
2018.03    Dalin Slow City~Interview of Friendly and happy town  (company Introduction please
                 look 06:10 ~ 07:30)
2018.03    Hakka TV - Interview with the 589th of Hakka News Magazine《MIT Brass instrument
2018.06   "Talk in English'  magazine  Interview & Shooting 《CarolBrass instrument
2018.09   C-Bb-G Mini bugle won the  Ministry of Economic Affairs "2018 Taiwan OTOT Product Design





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