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Pete Estabrook plays CarolBrass trumpet
PETE ESTABROOK has a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College (Boston, MA) and a Master of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA).

Special Sales of CTR-2000H-YSS on Amazon US
We recently launch a special sales on Amazon US. We make very special price for the trumpet model CTR-2000H-YSS-Bb. The special price will be applied to both lacquer and silver plating version (3 pcs of each). These 6 pcs (total) of CTR-2000H-YSS is currently stocked at Amazon US FBA stock, so it ca...

(Canceled) ITG Conference 2020 CarolBrass-USA
We are sorry to announce that CarolBrass-USA will not take part at ITG Conference 2020 in Columbus, Ohio due to the COVID-19.

CarolBrass will attend NAMM SHOW 2020
Do you like music? Jazz or whatever? come to our Booth will be the good choice, because we got many kinds of brass instruments, the most important is, ours is the bestest in Taiwan.

Music China 2019 - CarolBrass Booth Information
CarolBrass is pleased to announce that we will have a booth at the upcoming Music China (Shanghai Fair) 2019. CarolBrass booth is located at HALL W1 and the booth number is C26. Again we prepare a wide range of CarolBrass instruments for all visitors to test. If you have plan visit this show, make s...

CarolBrass - USA attend ITG conference 2019 Miami, FL
CarolBrass-USA is pleased to announce that we will attend the Ineternational Trumpet Guild (ITG) 2019 conference in Miami, Florida. We will have a comfortable booth during entire ITG conference. At our booth, you can find out the newest CarolBrass trumpets available to check, play test and even purc...

(27-Mar-2019) - New 0.547" Single Key Trombone
We recently develop a new large bore (0.547") single key trombone! Featured "light and thin" gold brass bell (wired), gold brass main tuning slide crook, double cylindrical balanced weight, interchangeable leadpipe (new mouthpipe #4), 5G mouthpiece, copper bell neck reinforcement, nickel silver han...

(14-Mar-2019) - Custom Horn Study CTR-8562H-PLM(D)
We made a special custom Bb trumpet last week. The model is CTR-8562H-PLM(D) which is requested by an American player. This is our first time to apply double walled tuning slides on the "Balanced" trumpet, we faced some challenges during the production but we are very happy with the outcome of this ...

(13-Mar-2019) - Copper Plating Trumpet
We are back to the project again : How to well copper plate the trumpet? Inspired by Tommy Bridges (CarolBrass artist, based in Florida, USA), we decided to develop the way to cooper plate the trumpet in early 2018. However, we stopped this project few months later, right after we successfully made ...

Artist Clyde Dixon
CarolBrass is pleased to announce that NZ based cornet/ trumpet/ flugelhorn player Clyde Dixon joins CarolBrass artist group. Clyde Dixon plays CarolBrass trumpet CTR-7660L-GSS-Bb-SL and flugelhorn CFL-7200-GSS-Bb-SL.

CarolBrass is keen to attend the NAMM SHOW hold in Anaheim Convention Center, California, January 24-27th 2019. We are lucky to take part at NAMM SHOW again and will display some new models including DT Custom series and 2019 new custom Bb-F rotary trombone. CarolBrass-USA booth number is 8428, we l...

"Brass Talk" Jim Bohm and Alexis Baro
CarolBrass dealer Jim Bohm and trumpet artist Alexis Baro makes a special episode which talking about "Baro Model" trumpet...come and check out the video. Special thanks to Will Holton who arranges this video!

Music China 2018 Shanghai 10th-14th October
We are pleased to announce that CarolBrass will attend Music China Show 2018 (10th-14th October) in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. This year is the second year that CarolBrass takes part at Music China. We prepare a wide range of CarolBrass brass instruments at our booth and sincerely invit...

Saturn Waterkeys on Your CarolBrass Horns
CarolBrass is happy to introduce that the Saturn waterkeys are available as an option for your CarolBrass Custom Models.

Please Use Harmon Mute Gently
"Caution" Please Gently Put Harmon Mute into CarolBrass Light Weight Bell Trumpet.

Comments from paasionate players
Still love my CTR-580R! 3 years later on January 5, 2015 I received my CTR-4000H-GSS-Bb-S and What a fantastic Horn. The horn plays like a dream with a lot of power. It can play softly and then be powered up to peel the paint off the wall status in a matter of seconds. Just put in the air and WOW. C...

Josh Shpak (2017)
“I love connecting with people,” says young trumpeter, Josh Shpak. “Whether they be teenagers or your grandma, if I can see that they’re feeling the music, I’m happy.” This breaking of generational gaps has become somewhat of a habit for the 20-year-old Berklee College of Music student. With a ri...

Case Study: Customized Trumpet born on 31th July 2014
"You might consider calling this model the Symphonic C trumpet. Here is what I would recommend for a short description: The Symphonic C trumpet has an easy and brilliant high register and a full, colorful low register. The large 135mm (5.25 inches) red brass bell has excellent projection in the con...

Different Thought about Bb-F Tenor Trombone
Can you imagine that how it will be if a traditional Bb-F trombone has smaller bore size? It must be more efficient in playing, also it will be less air-consumption. Does this also affect the sound, yes, it could be a smaller core on the sound. If you think this trombone in a different way, this spe...

A Warm Message to "Left Handed" Brass Players
Have you ever imagined a fully customized based left handed trumpet? Yes, CarolBrass® make your dream come true! We can fully understand how important a suitable instrument is to the left handed players. We are keen to build a fully customized mirror-reflection "Left Handed" horns for you.

2014 Frankfurt Musikmesse
After NAMM SHOW, CarolBrass® has the great chance to meet worldwide partners and players again at Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt. Same as last year, CarolBrass® is located at the small but comfortable booth (Hall 4.1 No. D-30) beside other worldwide industry leaders. This year we bring new models whic...

2014 NAMM SHOW (Booth D-3309)
CarolBrass USA Distributor Mr. Doug Teeter and his team are going to have a comfortable booth at 2014 NAMM SHOW. We sincerely welcome all the passionate friends, players and educators come to CarolBrass USA booth (Hall D No. 3309) and try out CarolBrass newest custom models. We have some special act...

CarolBrass® at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013
CarolBrass® announces that we are going to see you everyone again at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013...with a wide range of brass instruments, new models, nice people, special sure you come and have fun with us!

Meet us at NAMM SHOW 2013! New CarolBrass models, nice people, great music, lots of fun, etc. etc....

CarolBrass at 2012 Music China Shanghai Show
CarolBrass at 2012 Music China Shanghai Show! Cooperated by authorized CarolBrass® Hong Kong dealer "Chairman Instrument", CarolBrass® will be at Music China 2012 (Shanghai Show)!

CarolBrass Bb-F Bugle Project
To make 10 bugle guys dream come true!

CarolBrass® in NEW YORK CITY (Sam Ash)
Now players who live in or are close to NEW YORK CITY have the chance to test CarolBrass® instruments in SAM ASH #10!

CarolBrass New BLACKHAWK pocket trumpet endorser: Shamarr Allen
2012 New CarolBrass endorser in US, Shamarr Allen is playing BLACKHAWK pocket trumpet model CPT-3000-GLS-BG now!

2012 Frankfurt Musikmesse Review
Thank you for everyone who visit CarolBrass® booth of 2012 Frankfurt Musikmesse!

CarolBrass endorser Kris plays his new Legend CTR-7660L-GSS-SL
A video of Legend CTR-7660-GSS-SL, done by Kris Johnson.

Back from a busy but pleasing NAMM
Thank you very much for visiting our booth at NAMM show in CA.

2012 Frankfurt Musikmesse
After a glad 2012 NAMM show, next step will be Frankfurt Musikmesse (21th-24th March 2012). Welcome worldwide friends and customers to visit us at there! (Booth: Hall 1.1, D-13)

CarolBrass has truly built a LEGEND!
A sincerely review of CarolBrass CTR-7660-GSS-Bb-SL are from our lovely customer. You should read it.

Fall in love with CarolBrass trumpet
Another great success story about CarolBrass trumpets CTR-580RT-SLB (Custom trumpet model based on CTR-5000L-GST-SLB w/ 3 finger rings, w/o main tuning slide brace)

2012 NAMM CarolBrass USA
CarolBrass in NAMM Hall D, #3209, our new instruments include Materials Offered trumpets, Red brass flugelhorn, Eb cornet, Trigger cornet and Pocket trumpet...etc. Please come visit us and give our instruments a try!

The comment from our customer: Ian Stayt
Our lovely Australian customer "Ian Stayt" has sincere words for CarolBrass CTR-4440L-YST

The comment from our customer: Dave
I purchased a new CarolBrass "Lage Bell" Pocket Trumpet CPT-3000-GLS-SLB (Satin lacquer bell).

2012 New Endorsor of CarolBrass CTR-8880H-GST-L---Chuan-An Hou
Hou, Chuan-An (Taiwan)-- the new endorsor of CarolBrass in 2012 Classical Music

2012 New Endorsor of CarolBrass CFL-6200-GSS --- Benny Benack III
Benny Benack III is going to be our endorsor in 2012.

The comment from our customer: BedfordTrumpeter
Hi dears, I am glad to tell you about playing CarolBrass 506R which is such a great trumpet that I have ever seen.

The comment from our customer: Stan Wright
Hi friends, I am happy to share my view of point about CarolBrass CTR-658R (CTR-6580H-GSS).

The comment from our customer: Scott LeVal
Hi guys, I am Scott LeVal and that is a wonderful chance to share my first impression of playing CarolBrass CTR-500T (CTR-5000L-YST).

The comment from our customer: Loweredsixth (USA)
Hello everyone, my name is Loweredsixth and I just purchased a CarolBrass flugelhorn (CFL-6200-GSS-SLB) so I am glad to share my experience.

The comment from our customer: Paul St.Amand
Hi friends, my name is Paul St.Amand and I would like to share my view point about CarolBrass 506R(CTR-5060H-GSS).

The comment from our customer: Nick DeCarlis
Hello dears, that is a great chance to speak out about experience of using CPT-300LR Pocket Trumpet.

The comment from our customer: Ken Saul
Hi guys, I am glad to share my experience.

The comment from our customer: Greg Plough (USA)
Greetings, my name is Greg Plough, and I am an amateur trumpet player here in the United States...

The comment from our customer: Gordan Jackson (Australia)
Hello, I have just purchased your CFL 620R flugel horn...

The comment from our customer: RAMSES CASA MARUTO (Spain)
Hello friends. I bought a ctr-506 carol (CTR-5060L-YST). Previously had a 8445 yamaha...

Tips for recognising real CarolBrass products
Due to the fact that there are some brass instruments which are presented in similar apperences especially in flea market and onlineshop, it is really important for customers to make sure the differences between real CarolBrass products and others.

2011 WASBE Conference and 20th Chiayi Band Festival Part 2
Some friendly music players invited our stand in exhibition...

2011 WASBE Conference and 20th Chiayi Band Festival Part 1
CarolBrass (Hoxon Gakki Corporation) is pleased to particioate in this international exhibition...

The comment from our customer: Brad (USA)
Hello, I'm just writing to let you know...

New CarolBrass Artists in Australia
Here’s what Peter Uppman had to say about his first CarolBrass instrument – a CTR-500T (Note these are now referred to as model CTR-5000L-YST).

2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse, part 3.
HALL 1.1, G41. 8-9 April.

2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse, part 2.
HALL 1.1, G41. 6-7 April.

2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse, part 1.
HALL 1.1, G41. 6-9 April.

Terry Townson
Terry Townson plays CTR-520T(raw finishing).

2011 CBDA show in Fresno, California
2011 CBDA show on Feb. 17-20

2011 NAMM
2011 NAMM show on Jan. 13-16

MATERIALS offered, catalog
A4 size

How to get CarolBrass® STYLES model
How to get CarolBrass® STYLES model's number clearly

How to get CarolBrass® MATERIALS model
How to get CarolBrass® MATERIALS model's number clearly

John Eth
"I play CarolBrass instruments because simply put, they are the Best!" -John Eth-

Kris Johnson
Kris Johnson is a trumpeter, composer, arranger, and educator from Detroit, MI. He has Master’s (2007) and Bachelor’s (2005) degree in Jazz Studies from Michigan State University, and is the third trumpeter, arranger, and soloist with the Count Basie Orchestra. Kris Johnson exclusively plays Carol B...

Bespoked CAROL trumpet CTR-658R-T
NSO, National Symphony Orchestra is one of leading symphony orchestras in Taiwan, approximately one hundred members who not only with the cultural awareness but also the representatives of Taiwanese artistic elite team.
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