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John Eth (U.S.A.)

John is one of the top players based in AZ, USA, and the owner of Xstream Mouthpiece. For more information about John, please check: shop.xstreammouthpieces.com/main.sc

Geoff Winstead (U.S.A.)

Geoff Winstead plays the CTR-4440L-YST-SL Custom Model. Geoff is a freelance player, living in the Palm Springs area. He can be heard in many groups in the greater Southern California area, from big bands, stage reviews, pit orchestras, Latin bands, wind ensembles and symphonies to leading his own sextet. Geoff has studied with Jimmy Stamp, Claude Gordon and Lynn Nicholson. He was also an eight-year student of Cat Anderson’s and is the author of “The Real Way to Play the Cat Anderson Trumpet Method.”

Odd-Roar Hult (Norway)

Mr. Hult has a wide experiences and knowledge about brass instruments, and also is an instrument and relevent accessories developer, designer and educator. 

He owns a shop for selected brass instruments, please check: www.brassnor.no/

Jim Bohm (U.S.A.)

Jim is a performing artist of CarolBrass trumpet, flugelhorn and Spiri, Best Brass and Michael Brand mouthpieces. Jim also is a home dealer carries several great selected CarolBrass horns.

For more information about Jim, please check: www.jimbohm.com/

Marco Lorusso (Italy)

Being a professional trumpet/ flugelhorn players for many years, Marco applies his knowledage and passion to CarolBrass instruments and instruments business. Marco brings the owned selected line of CarolBrass special customized instrument under the name "BrassFlow" to the market and give a bit hit to the audience.

For more information about Marco, please review: www.brassflow.it/

Jim Manley (U.S.A.)

Jim plays CarolBrass Professional Trumpet CTR-4440L-YST-Bb-SL, for more about Jim, please visit www.jimmanleymusic.com/bio/

Yao Chang (TAIWAN)

Yao, or you can call him Mr. Jellyfish, is one of the first recall Jazz trumpet player in Taiwan. Being one of the first generation of Jazz musicians in Taiwan, Yao plays and loves CarolBrass Legend Trumpet CTR-7000L-YSS-Bb-SL for more than one decade.

Sun Bae Choi (SOUTH KOREA)

Choi is the first generation of Jazz trumpter representative in South Korea, Choi plays greatly on making clear and lyrical sound and currently plays CarolBrass Left Handed Custom trumpet CTR-6080H-PLM(D)-LH-SL.



Saskia, people give her a great name "Lady Miles Davis", is a professional trumpeter in Netherlands, she plays CarolBrass BlackHawk trumpe CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-BG.


Josh Shpak (U.S.A.)

Jazz trumpeter, Josh Shpak between making regular trips to the home of jazz legend, Clark Terry, for private jazz lessons, performing with the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra at the Monterey Jazz Festival, and sitting in with TOWER OF POWER – has packed quite a lot into his first 18 years on earth. Josh plays CarolBrass flugelhorn CFL-6200-GSS-Bb-SLB. 

Josh Shpak has just graduated from Berkeley School of Music, and has his first jazz band called RIPE, you can see and hear them on the U-Tube!



Benny Benack III (U.S.A.)

Benny is surely one of the next generation great of Jazz trumpet/ flugelhorn players, currently playing CarolBrass Flugelhorn CFL-6200-GSS-Bb-L

For more information about Benny, please check www.bennybenackjazz.com/

Oli Baron (France)

Oil, comes from France and is married to Taiwanese wife Wei-Ying, is probably one of the most remarkable soft Jazz flugelhorn players (stars) who brings his view of special jazzmusic to Taiwan in these days. Oil currently plays CarolBrass Custom Flugelhorn CFL-9990-RSS Raw Brass Finishing and CFL-6200-GSS rework Satin Lacquer finishing flugelhorn. 


Nick Javier (U.S.A.)

Nick Javier is an American jazz trombonist and vocalist who is influenced by a variety of music. Nick plays CarolBrass Custom Nick Signature professional trombone CTB-2209-YST-SLB.

Terry Townson (CANADA)

Grammy Award Winner Terry is currently playing CarolBrass Custom Trumpet CTR-4440L-PSM-AL, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet and trombone.

For more information about Terry, please visit www.terrytownson.com/custom-horn-arrangements-bio.htm

Peter Uppman

Professional trumpeter Peter currently lives in Brisbane, Australia, is one of the first CarolBrass artists of CarolBrass. Peter plays CarolBrass Blackhawk trumpet.

Mike Sailors (U.S.A.)

Mike Sailors has established himself as one of the most in-demand trumpeter’s on New York City’s thriving swing and traditional jazz scene. Mike plays CarolBrass Professional Trumpet CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-L.

For more information about Mike, please visie mikesailorsmusic.com/bio/


Bert Lochs is pretty wellknown amongst jazzlovers of all kind. He is considered one of the best trumpet players of his generation and his  fierce trumpet and lyrical flugel sounded in many places and settings already.

Bert plays CarolBrass Balanced Model CTR-8060H-GLS-Bb-S, for more information about Bert, please visit bertlochs.com/

Shamarr Allen 

Shamarr Allen is the definition of New Orleans. Hailing from the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Allen has influences in jazz, hip-hop, rock, funk rhythms, blues and country.

Shamarr plays CPT-3000-GLS-Bb-BG, CPT-7000-GLS-Bb-SG pocket trumpets, for more information please check: www.shamarrallen.com/bio/

Guillermo Perata (MEXICO)

Guillermo currently plays CarolBrass Custom Cornet CCR-9792T-RSM raw finishing model. 

Marjolein van der Heide (THE NETHERLANDS)

Marjolein is a talented artist who is doing well on trumpet, paino, vocal, modeling, etc.. She currently plays CarolBrass Doutch Jazz Smoke trumpet and pocket trumpet CPT-3000-GLS-Bb-SLB.

For more informaation about Marjolein, please visit website: www.marjoleinvanderheide.nl/

Hadar Reiss (Israel)

Hadar Reiss plays CarolBrass Custom Trumpet CTR-4440L-YST-SL and flugelhorn CFL-6200-GSS-SLB.

More about Hadar Reiss: http://www.hadarreiss.com/en/

Tommy Bridges (USA)

Tommy and his CarolBrass Balanced Model (Tommy rebuilds this trumpet by hand engraving, copper plating and lacquering, what a nice work!)

Follow Tommy: https://www.facebook.com/TommyBridgesJazzBand/

Alexis Baro (Canada)

Alexis Baro, professional trumpet/ flugehorn players based in Canada, plays "Baro Model" Custom trumpet.

More about Alexis, please visit: www.alexisbaro.com/

Bill Colletti (USA)

Bill Colletti plays CarolBrass Custom Pocket Trumpet CPT-3000-RLM(D)-BC and Cornet CCR-9990-RSM-BC.

More about Bill, please visit: www.billcolletti.com/

Theo Hartman (The Netherlands)

Theo started plays cornet at age of 9 and studied at Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Theo is a lifetime trumpet player and play key roles at several national orchestra in The Netherlands and overseas. In 2018, Theo creates "Duo Hartman" by cooperating cello players and brings a total concept of trumpet to the audience.

James Ingenito (USA)  Flugelhorn, EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument), Composer, plays CarolBrass DT Custom BlackHawk flugelhorn CFL-9990-RSS and BlackHawk pocket trumpet CPT-3000-GLS

James has been an active performer/recording artist educator and composer for more than 20 years. After returning to New York to study with jazz legends Donald Byrd, Jimmy Heath and the late Sir Roland Hanna. In 2014 while performing at the NAMM show in California, James was introduced to the CarolBrass line of Flugelhorns and Trumpets. “I was SO impressed with the way the Flugelhorns played-intonation and sound- as well as the cool people at CarolBrass and their commitment to making quality instruments.” James holds both Bachelors and Master Degrees in Jazz Performance. More about Jame, please visit: Link

Clyde Dixon (NZ)

Clyde, professional cornet/ trumpet/ flugelhorn player based in New Zealand, plays CarolBrass Legend trumpet CTR-7660L-GSS-Bb-SL and Legend flugelhorn CFL-7200-GSS-Bb-SL.


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